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[公司专区] 5014 AIRPORT 大馬機場

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发表于 2013-3-28 16:34 | 显示全部楼层
Bashir Seeks To Leave MAHB

KUALA LUMPUR, March 28 (Bernama) -- Malaysia Airport Holdings Bhd managing director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid has requested the board to seek a suitable successor.

The contract for Bashir, who has been with the company since 2003, will end in June.

MAHB chairman Tan Sri Dr Wan Aziz Wan Abdullah said the board, however, would like Bashir to continue to guide the company through the current challenges facing the aviation industry.

"The board will in due course identify a successor and will provide sufficient time for a proper transition.

"The board has deliberated on the matter and has forwarded the matter to the Ministry of Finance for its decision," he said.


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发表于 2013-3-29 08:00 | 显示全部楼层
Malaysia Airports wants Bashir to stay on, plans to extend contract ... 36&sec=business

March 29, 2013

SEPANG: Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) is considering extending managing director Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad Abdul Majid's contract which will expire in June, according to chairman Tan Sri Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah.

“His contract will be subject to the Finance Ministry's (MoF) approval. We have deliberated this at length and will forward the decision to the ministry,” he said after the company AGM.

Bashir, who has been with the company since 2003, had requested that MAHB's board seek a suitable successor. However, MAHB's board would like Bashir to continue to guide the company through the current challenges in the aviation industry.

Asked if he would consider staying, Bashir said: “We'll see”. MAHB board will in due course identify a successor and will provide sufficient time for a proper transition. The board has deliberated the matter and has forwarded the matter to MoF for its decision.

When asked on the succession plan, Aziz said the board had yet to decide on Bashir's successor and had not put in any name to the MoF.

Meanwhile, Aziz said KLIA2 - the new low-cost airline hub - was on schedule to open on June 28. He added that all efforts were underway to meet the target date.

Although some works by the contractors were behind schedule, they were ramping up their efforts to meet the deadline.

MAHB is closely monitoring the progress of the work being done by the contractors.

MAHB is employing 1,102 new staff for KLIA2 of which 746 are in aviation security, 86 in airport fire and rescue services, 98 in engineering and maintenance and 172 in operations services.

Chief financial officer Faizal Mansor said its “catch-up programme” was progressing well and the new 4km runway was “almost there”.

On its overseas ventures, Faizal said the group was looking at various airport projects. “We continue to evaluate as and when good opportunities come up.”

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发表于 2013-3-29 08:28 | 显示全部楼层
MAHB: klia2 On Track For June 28 Opening

SEPANG, March 28 (Bernama) -- The construction works at the new low-cost airline hub, klia2, is on track and the airport is on schedule for a June 28 launch, said Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB).

Chairman Tan Sri Dr Wan Aziz Wan Abdullah said the new airport is currently 82 per cent complete, including works for air traffic control tower and paving the runway.

He said all efforts are taken to meet the target date, which was mooted by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, to coincide with the date of the launch of Kuala Lumpur International Airport in 1998.

"MAHB is closely monitoring the progress of the work being done by the contractors, with some works by the contractors were behind schedule but efforts are being taken by them to catch up and work towards the target date.

"As the terminal operations involve multiple stakeholders including airlines and agencies, it is important that all parties are ready before the terminal can be operational," Wan Aziz told reporters after the company's annual general meeting here today.

MAHB is also employing 1,102 new staff for klia2, of whom 746 are for aviation security, 86 for airport fire and rescue services, 98 for engineering and maintenance and 172 are in operations services.

MAHB's Chief Financial Officer, Faizal Mansor said with the opening of klia2, the airport operator expected its retail revenue to jump to RM800 million this year from RM537.5 million last year.

With some 10 airlines committed to operate from the new airport, Faizal said klia2, which has a significant space portion for retail, had attracted many international retail brands.

The RM4 billion klia2, built to cater for the explosive growth expected in low-cost travel, is envisaged to handle a maximum of 45 million passengers per year.

It will have 60 gates, eight remote stands and 80 aerobridges, plus a 32,000 sq metre retail space with 225 outlets.

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发表于 2013-3-29 09:08 | 显示全部楼层
完成82% 新廉价机场將如期开幕 ... 2:82&Itemid=198














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发表于 2013-3-29 18:58 | 显示全部楼层
Final Dividend

Entitlement date12/04/2013
Entitlement time05:00:00 PM
Entitlement subjectFinal Dividend
Entitlement descriptionFinal single-tier dividend of 7.63 sen per ordinary share
Period of interest payment to
Financial Year End31/12/2012
Share transfer book & register of members will be to closed from (both dates inclusive)  for the purpose of determining the entitlements
Registrar's name ,address, telephone noSecurities Services (Holdings) Sdn Bhd
Level 7, Menara Milenium,
Jalan Damanlela,
Pusat Bandar Damansara,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No.: 03-20849000
Payment date        13/05/2013
a.Securities transferred into the Depositor's Securities Account before 4:00 pm in respect of transfers12/04/2013

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发表于 2013-3-30 08:58 | 显示全部楼层
Time to spruce up our airports ... 55&sec=business

March 30, 2013

AIRPORTS are often the first contact a traveller to Malaysia has with the country. It can form an immediate opinion of what to expect and what the country stands for.

And the main airport for which much of such opinion is crafted is KL International Airport (KLIA).

The doorway into Malaysia has certainly fit its role of impressing visitors. The metal and glass terminal exudes the impression of a modernising nation with great ambition.

Built to cater to 40 million travellers a year, the spacious airport gave a breezy ambience when it was first built. But today, with the number of passengers using the airport reaching close to the capacity the airport was built to handle, it will be interesting to see how the airport can re-engineer itself when it comes to giving the right first impression.

A larger number of travellers will mean more pressure on the efficiency of the airport. That means baggage reclaim has to up their speed and efficiency, the toilets have to be cleaned with more regularity and immigration and customs clearance has to be faster.

Some of that is being tackled but there have been complaints that other aspects have not. If a visitor wanders into a smelly and dirty toilet and passengers have to wait to an exorbitant time to pick up their luggage from the carousels, then their impression of what the country is all about can change.

With airports in Penang and Kota Kinabalu handling international traffic, similar attention also should be paid to those important ports.

I was at KLIA yesterday morning to pick up my family from Singapore and noticed that KLIA could spruce things up a little. The lifts to the car parks look aged and it was much of the same old, same old.

But as more people throng the airport and with KLIA2 set to open late June, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) will certainly stand to gain financially from the flood of passengers that will ply their airports.

Although KLIA wasn't designed to optimise retail opportunities, it has made do with the what it can. There are more shops in the airports compared with the past and KLIA2 is purpose-built to maximise on the retail revenue MAHB can get.

Airports rely on the frequency of flights and with Air France, Turkish Airlines and Philippines Airlines returning to Malaysia, that will mean more passengers into Malaysia. British Airways is also thought to be looking at landing at KLIA once again.

But MAHB and KLIA will rely on the vibrancy of the domestic airlines for much of its wealth. It was reported that Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia will increase their number of flights from Malaysia and with domestic travellers accounting for the bulk of passengers at MAHB, the good economy will mean that passenger growth rates should be more than decent.

With traffic set to increase, and analysts expecting the same for the financials of MAHB, maybe it's time to look at the subtle things at the airport.

After all, making money is one thing but making sure that the airport depicts the pulse of the nation is another.

Acting business features editor Jagdev Singh Sidhu wonders when will quality of service become more important than the bottomline.

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发表于 2013-3-30 12:22 | 显示全部楼层
零售业务料走强 大马机场放眼明年赚10亿

财经新闻 财经  2013-03-29 11:28







随着马尔代夫政府收回马累(Male)国际机场经营权,目前大马机场管理的海外机场,仅剩印度海德拉巴(Hyderabad)Rajiv Gandhi国际机场、新德里Indira Gandhi国际机场,以及土耳其伊斯坦堡Sabiha Gokcen国际机场。











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发表于 2013-4-12 08:17 | 显示全部楼层
本帖最后由 lkf0512 于 2013-4-12 08:18 编辑

KLIA排名退至14 樟宜機場再獲全球最佳機場                                                                           

11 Apr 2013                                                                                                                                                                       

(日內瓦11日訊)世界機場大獎(World Airport Awards)績出爐,新加坡樟宜國際機場再度獲選為世界最佳機場,14年來第4度獲此殊榮。


美國有線電視新聞網(CNN)報導,樟宜國際機場擊敗韓國仁川國際機場和荷蘭阿姆斯特丹史基普機場(Schiphol Airport)等強勁對手奪冠,去年冠軍仁川機場今年退居第2,史基普機場持平居第3名。




全球最佳機場排名6至10名分別為慕尼黑機場(Munich Airport)、蘇黎世機場(Zurich Airport)、溫哥華國際機場(Vancouver International Airport)、東京羽田機場和倫敦希斯羅機場(HeathrowAirport)。



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发表于 2013-4-13 09:59 | 显示全部楼层

2013-04-12 18:35









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发表于 2013-4-14 01:06 | 显示全部楼层
希望 airport 先不要提供太多的班次給malindo 因為 這家航空公司有可能會把機場給撞爛的危險性.

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发表于 2013-4-14 10:38 | 显示全部楼层
回复 170# wengtan

    我看到了机会 ! 这时候应该勇敢买入保险股 ! 有保障嘛~

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发表于 2013-4-14 17:25 | 显示全部楼层
如果遇到malindo 這種customer, 那他就可以claim保險claim 到爽爽. 保險公司不就收皮?

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发表于 2013-4-19 08:59 | 显示全部楼层
KLIA2延遲啟用成本超出 大馬機場控股將不受影響  

財經股市18 Apr 2013 20:48
(吉隆坡18日訊)儘管第2吉隆坡國際機場(KLIA2)計劃延遲完工或成本超預算,券商認為,對大馬機場控股(AIRPORT,5014, 主要板貿易)的影響並不大,看好其在國內幾乎“壟斷”的市場優勢。





該行指出,該公司將收取更高的著陸費、泊機費及非航空(non- aeronautical)收入增長。





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发表于 2013-4-21 20:50 | 显示全部楼层
大马机场 klia2激励营业额
行家论股  2013-04-19 13:53

Malindo航空3月22日开始在雪邦国际机场(KLIA)运作,承载量(load factor)达70%。


您需要 登录 才可以下载或查看,没有帐号?注册


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发表于 2013-4-26 08:52 | 显示全部楼层
业绩料无惊喜 大马机场面对展延竣工冲击

財经 2013年4月25日





他解释说,该公司营业额按年料成长,而净利按年却可能下跌的原因是,较高的乘客流量(预计按年增长8%)將会支撑营业额表现,但较高的使用费(user fee)將衝击其净利表现。









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发表于 2013-4-26 08:53 | 显示全部楼层
MAHB expected to delay opening of new LCCT

Published: 2013/04/26

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) is expected to announce a new date for the opening of klia2, the new low-cost carrier terminal, today, said RHB Research Institute Sdn Bhd.

RHB Research and a few other research houses believe that klia2 may not be able to start operations by the June 28 target.

RHB Research said the completion of the new airport will be delayed, while CIMB Research said MAHB needs to run tests and checks before the commissioning of the airport.

However, MAHB maintains that the new RM4 billion LCCT will be completed on time and within specifications.

The airport operator is now in discussions with the contractors on the progress and quality of klia2, a person who has direct knowledge on the matter told Business Times recently.

Speaking on condition of anonimity, he said: "It is important to know that they (MAHB) do not rush the job because safety and quality of an airport has always been a priority for them all this while.

"More importantly, they have to make sure that potential major setbacks are taken care of before klia2 start operations," he added.

Earlier, MAHB chairman Tan Sri Dr Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah, after a shareholders meeting, said that the construction works on klia2 was 82 per cent completed and was on track to begin operations on June 28.

He added that there will be no cost overruns from the budgeted RM4 billion.

However, RHB Research questioned the duration of the delay and if there will be cost overruns.

"Compared against a scenario with the klia2 being operational on the first day of the financial year 2013, the delay would reduce our revenue forecast by four per cent in financial year 2013 and 2014 due to lower rental and passenger spend," it said.

CIMB Research, meanwhile, estimated that any delay would result in higher construction cost of around RM4.5 billion for the airport and lower commercial earnings for the airport operator.

"Even if the physical structure of the terminal is close to completion, there are still many operational issues and safety requirements to comply with prior to the opening of klia2," it said.

RHB Research has maintained its "buy" call on MAHB with a fair value of RM7.23.

The firm expects MAHB's earnings for the first quarter of its year ending December 31 2013 to be within expectations with a net profit of RM95 million on RM730 million revenue.

The airport operator's bottomline could be lower due to the higher user fee incurred, but its revenue is projected to rise on the back of higher passenger volume, which is up eight per cent year-on-year, and passenger spending.

Yesterday, its share price rose four sen to RM5.89.

Read more: ... icle/#ixzz2RWh6iiZd

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发表于 2013-4-27 02:31 | 显示全部楼层


2013-04-26 17:24









大馬經濟前景正面,加上觀光業動力十足,這都對航空業有利,強勁的國內需求將可帶動飛航需求。再者,大馬機場繼續從更多航空公司入駐和本地航空公司擴張中受惠,近期馬印航空、法國航空和土耳其航空進駐大馬,而馬航加入寰宇一家(One World),都將帶動搭客成長,因此該集團樂觀預期可達到今年搭客成長7.1%的目標。

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发表于 2013-4-27 21:01 | 显示全部楼层
Higher construction revenue boosts MAHB profit, revenue

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) posted improved earnings and revenue for the first quarter on higher construction revenue from the building of KLIA2 and the expansion of the Penang International Airport.

MAHB’s net profit rose 22.71% to RM126.07mil for the period ended March 31, on a 56.18% increase in revenue to RM1.03bil. Earnings per share rose to 10.37 from 9.22 sen.

For the quarter, MAHB had cash and cash equivalents of RM340.13mil versus RM1.21bil previously.

MAHB derived its earnings from airport operations, airport services, agriculture and horticulture, hotel, and project and repair maintenance.

Airport operations, which consist of duty-free, non-duty-free outlets, and food and beverage outlets delivered the bulk of the profits.

For airport operations, revenue for the quarter came from construction revenue of RM454.6mil compared with RM146.6mil a year earlier.

“Excluding the construction revenue, the airport operations revenue increased by 12%, or RM58.6mil, mainly contributed by a positive growth of 13.4%, or RM32.4mil, from aeronautical revenue,” MAHB told Bursa Malaysia.

Airport operations revenue was also gained from higher non-aeronautical revenue of 11%, or RM26.1mil. The improvement came on the back of higher commercial and retail revenue, which were driven by higher passenger growth.

Meanwhile, the group’s retail business improved by 8.2%, or RM10.7mil.

For the period, passenger movements were 8.7% higher than the corresponding period last year, in which international and domestic passenger movements increased 12.2% and 5.4%, respectively.

Net revenue from non-airport operations for the quarter increased 8.8%, or RM2.9mil. This was mainly derived from the project and repair maintenance segment by more than 100%, or RM7.8mil.

“However, the positive variance was negated by the decrease in the agriculture and hotel segments of 33.1% or RM3mil and 8.9% or RM1.9mil respectively,” MAHB said. ... 69&sec=business

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发表于 2013-4-29 08:58 | 显示全部楼层
回复 179# printmy

    why put aeon new in Airport board ?

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发表于 2013-4-29 16:58 | 显示全部楼层
大马机场 基本面前景好
行家论股  2013-04-26 11:19


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