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[筹款] 八打灵再也扶轮社 慈善音乐演唱会

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The Rotary Club of Petaling Jaya (“RCPJ”) jointly with The Philharmonic Society of Selangor (PSS) will organise the Musical Charity Concert as part of the Rotary Club of Petaling Jaya’s initiative to raise funds for the ‘Golden Child Project’ which has been carried out by the Club for the past 23 years.

All proceeds from this event will be channelled towards the ‘Golden Child Project’. The ‘Golden Child Project’ is one of RCPJ signature project organised annually wherein the Club undertakes all expenditure to a 3 days 2 night fun filled event at the A’ Famosa Resort in Malacca. We accommodate about 30 to 40 terminally ill children from government hospitals. The primary objective of this project is to elevate mental health of young children who are suffering from terminal cancer. In addition this program enables our youth members (The Rotaractor / Interactors) to instil a caring mind-set to serve the community and the ill stricken.

Corporate Donation and Sponsorship:

Main donor/ Sponsor : RM10,000
Gold Donor/Sponsor : RM6,500
Co-sponsor : RM5,000

IRB Tax Exempt Receipt Applies

For individual tickets RM80/RM100/RM120/RM180, please email to or contact Noorul/ Dato Seri Krishna Moorthy at 03-22825446 or Lim at 0126800887


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