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发表于 2013-4-4 07:59 | 显示全部楼层
AirAsia X rules out flying to Europe, US and India ... /Article/index_html


AIRASIA X Bhd, en route to a listing on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia, has ruled out flying to Europe, the United States, Russia and India in the immediate term.

Its chief executive officer Azran Osman-Rani said AirAsia X will not fly there because of the current economic conditions and high cost to service the routes.

"The focus will be on Asia, which has strong growth prospects. We will continue to focus on our core markets such as Australia, China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

"Our expansion into these markets is a good indication of the kind of margin growth we would continue to see this year," Azran said at the MIDF luncheon talk yesterday.

AirAsia X had given up several routes, such as to Mumbai and cities in Europe, in exchange for Australian and some China routes, as they are more profitable.

The reasons given were high jet fuel prices, weak demand for air travel from Europe led by the global financial meltdown and exorbitant government taxes.

AirAsia X faces cost pressures as it has to compromise its ability to offer the low fares that it is known for globally just to operate the long-haul flights between Asia and Europe.

The airline currently owns a fleet of nine Airbus A330-300s for scheduled services and two A340-300s for wet-lease and charter operations, and flies to 12 destinations in Asia.

It is adding seven more aircraft over the next two years.

Azran said AirAsia X will use the aircraft to service existing routes, fly to new cities from Kuala Lumpur, and also to exising markets from different hubs.

This is expected to double the airline's capacity over the next two years without the need to add a new country to its list.

He said there is cost advantage in long-haul low-cost flights, not just by optimising maximum aircraft utilisation but also making sure that no aircraft sits idle in any location longer than two hours.

"Despite offering huge discounts, we are able to make the same amount of revenues as other bigger airlines.

"The last five years for AirAsia X has really been about moving fast. We don't have the scale and size like Singapore Airlines or a big government-linked company supporting us.

"Our biggest challenge has been getting local government support for route approval.

"There is accountability when you have real KPIs (key performance indicators) and that is what brought us forward to the current scale," Azran explained.

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发表于 2013-4-4 08:00 | 显示全部楼层
AirAsia X: No plan to set up hub in Australia ... /Article/index_html


KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia X Bhd, the long-haul affiliate of AirAsia Bhd, has discounted the possibility of setting up a hub in Australia despite increasing traffic volume there, its chief said.

"We will have to hire Australian pilots and ground staff and that will cost us. It makes more sense to fly to Australia from Kuala Lumpur," said AirAsia X chief executive officer Azran Osman-Rani yesterday.

Speculation has been rife that AirAsia X may set up a hub in Australia after its initial public offering (IPO) in June.

Australia is one of its core markets and it currently flies to Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth.

The airline will be increasing its flight frequencies to the four locations as well as fly to other cities in Australia, said Azran.

He said AirAsia X is negotiating with the airport operator in Adelaide to commence flights there.

"We just need to conclude the negotiations before we can start flying there. I can't say when but it will happen. The full-year load factor for the Australian market in 2012 was healthy and one of the highest ever," he said.

On the IPO, Azran said the listing of AirAsia X is pending approval from the Securities Commission.

AirAsia X is expected to raise about US$250 million (RM772.5 million), or 97 sen per share, of which half would be utilised to repay bank borrowings and 21.5 per cent for capital expenditure.

"AirAsia X is going to be a growth stock. We are adding some 35 new planes to our existing fleet between now and 2017. We are looking at new routes and increasing frequencies in existing markets. We will start expanding into our international hubs beyond Kuala Lumpur," he said.

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发表于 2013-4-4 08:08 | 显示全部楼层
KLIA2 boon for AirAsia X, it looks forward to moving its ops to new airport ... 92&sec=business

April 4, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia X Sdn Bhd is looking forward to moving its operations to the new KLIA2 airport terminal, scheduled for opening on June 28.

“We really hope it (Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd) can honour and commit towards that date. KLIA2 will unlock the under-developed connecting market, as we are limited by space constraints at the moment,” said AirAsia X chief executive officer Azran Osman Rani at a luncheon talk organised by MIDF Research here yesterday.

The passenger terminal of KLIA2, the country's new low-cost carrier terminal, will have a gross floor area of 257,000 sq m, a 71% increase from the existing 150,000 sq m, and will be able to accommodate up to 45 million passengers a year.

Azran, however, declined to reveal details of its proposed initial public offering said to be scheduled for June.

“I can't say much at the moment, as it is still in the process of application with the Securities Commission. Only until the whole process is completed can we have a fair idea of the timelines. I can't give any definitive answers until the final approvals have been granted,” he said.

The big thing for AirAsia X, he added, would be the addition of seven new A330-300 this year to increase long-haul flight frequencies and facilitate expansion plans.

“Besides that, we are also focusing on expanding our international hubs beyond Kuala Lumpur.

“This will give us a whole new leg of growth, and these developments will keep us busy this year,” he said.

He said the airline would take delivery of seven more aircraft in 2014 to more than double its capacity.

“If you compare AirAsia X and AirAsia Bhd, we are at a stage of development and growth similar to what AirAsia had experienced when it was first listed several years ago.

“If you missed out on investing in AirAsia from 2004 to 2005, then I think AirAsia X is a good opportunity for the public to invest in.

“However, that being said, this will only be possible after we get the approval from the regulators,” he stressed.

Azran said the market opportunity and growth rate for the company were far in excess of what AirAsia had currently.

“AirAsia is mature and at the stage of paying dividends. It is also a different investment profile compared with AirAsia X, which has a much higher growth upside,” he pointed out.

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 楼主| 发表于 2013-4-4 08:41 | 显示全部楼层

財经 2013年4月3日

亚航X首席执行员亚兹兰奥斯曼今日透露,目前已拥有11架飞机的亚航X,將在今年增购7架新飞机,並在2014至2015年增购另外7架新飞机。         长期而言,亚航X將在2017年之际,即未来五年內增购20架新飞机。



在大马交易所掛牌上市的亚洲航空,目前持有亚航X的18.3%股权。此外,日本Orix集团以及巴林Menara Consortium,各別持有亚航X的11%股权(合计22%股权),剩余股权则归於创办人丹斯里东尼费南德斯与拿督卡玛鲁丁美拉伦等人。







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 楼主| 发表于 2013-4-6 01:32 | 显示全部楼层
先专注亚洲市场 亚航X暂不飞欧美俄印

财经新闻 财经  2013-04-05 13:09














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发表于 2013-4-10 17:57 | 显示全部楼层
AirAsia X To Restart New Delhi, Mumbai Routes

NEW DELHI, April 10 (Bernama) -- AirAsia X will restart New Delhi and Mumbai routes soon, Group Chief Executive Officer Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said, Wednesday.

"AirAsia X will be restarting routes to India very soon. Bombay and New Dehli are around the corner," he wrote on social media site, Facebook.

The long-haul budget airline axed flights to Mumbai and New Delhi on Jan 31 last year, citing high operating costs. Both routes were started in 2010.

The routes could serve as a feeder for its latest venture in India, given that domestic aviation rules did not permit new airlines to operate international routes for the first five years of operations.

The budget carrier has established AirAsia India, a 49:30:21 joint venture between AirAsia,Tata Sons and Telstra Tradeplace of Indian investor, Arun Bhatia.

The airline, to be based in Chennai, will cater primarily to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Operations are expected to begin by year-end.


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发表于 2013-4-10 21:23 | 显示全部楼层

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发表于 2013-4-10 22:17 | 显示全部楼层
財经 2013年4月10日

(新德里10日讯)亚航X(AirAsia X)首席执行员丹斯里东尼费南德斯表示,该公司即將重新启动新德里和孟买的航线。        




亚航以联营的方式在印度成立亚航印度(AirAsia India),后者的持股比例是亚航持有49%、Tata Sons和TelstraTradeplace则分別持有30%和21%。



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发表于 2013-4-16 10:06 | 显示全部楼层
看这篇好像在拼命帮 AA打广告哈… 1.2-1.4开价会不会有点高?

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发表于 2013-4-16 16:45 | 显示全部楼层
AirAsia X To Fly To Busan From July 15

KUALA LUMPUR, April 16 (Bernama) -- AirAsia X will commence flights from Kuala Lumpur to Busan, Korea, from July 15.

In a statement Tuesday, the airline said it would fly direct to Gimhae International Airport, Busan, with four weekly flights.

"AirAsia X's entry into Busan is in line with our stated strategy of adding flight frequencies to a few priority Asia Pacific markets, like Korea.

"We believe this move will stimulate new travel demands from the city and its surrounding regions.

"We estimate that more than 60 per cent of AirAsia X passengers to and from Busan, will be first time visitors, and this will contribute significantly to tourism growth.

"It allows AirAsia X an opportunity to open up new market segments from Malaysia and Busan, with its affordable fares," said AirAsia X Chief Executive Officer, Azran Osman Rani.

AirAsia X will operate the Airbus A330-300 aircraft with 12 premium flatbed seats and 365 economy seats.

To mark the launch, AirAsia X is offering a promotional all-in fare from RM199 on economy and from RM699 for the premium flatbed between Kuala Lumpur and Busan, one way.

Fares are available online for booking from April 17-28 for travel between July 15 and April 30, 2014.


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发表于 2013-4-20 23:29 | 显示全部楼层
难吸引基础机构投资者 亚航X或增散户配股
财经新闻 财经  2013-04-20 21:12

《The Edge》财经周刊引述消息报道,亚航X寻求扩大散户的参与率,是因为目前不易获得基础机构投资者(Cornerstone Institutional Investor)的参与。
在亚洲,长途廉航也不理想,甘泉香港航空(Oasis Hong Kong Airlines)也在成立两年内就结业,因无法应对高燃油成本和价格战。





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发表于 2013-5-2 21:01 | 显示全部楼层
AirAsia X posts strong growth in Q1
Published: 2013/05/02

AirAsia X Bhd, the low-cost, long-haul affiliate of AirAsia Bhd, recorded a strong growth in the first quarter (Q1) of this year, carrying 650,000 passengers, a growth of 20.9 per cent in the same period in 2012.

AirAsia X Chief Executive Officer Azran Osman-Rani said the airline would continue to focus on increasing capacity this year in identified core markets including Australia, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

"The addition of seven aircraft this year will see AirAsia X expanding further in the long-haul segment across Asia Pacific," he said in a statement today.

In terms of passenger traffic, AirAsia X recorded 3.3 billion Revenue-Passenger-Kms (RPKs) in Q1 2013 while capacity was at 3.9 billion, resulting in a load factor of 84 per cent and solidifying its position as the second-largest low-cost carrier in Southeast Asia after AirAsia.

Its RPKs and Average-Seat-Kms (ASKs) increased by 21.7 per cent and 26.7 per cent, respectively, compared with Q1 2012 for continuing routes.

"AirAsia X is also seeking ways to maximise passenger revenue and develop new ancillary revenue streams.

"We aim to grow our fleet of new fuel efficient aircraft to meet passenger demand, expand route mix and continue to implement initiatives to strengthen operations quality and cost structure," Azran said.

On cargo operations, he said AirAsia X carried 7,482 tonnes of freight in Q1 2013, registering a growth of 47 per cent from 5,106 tonnes in Q1 2012 for its continuing routes.

Its aircraft fleet as at March 31 this year remains at nine Airbus A330s and two Airbus A340s while the 10th A330 was delivered last month.-- Bernama

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 楼主| 发表于 2013-5-4 01:27 | 显示全部楼层

财经新闻 财经  2013-05-03 12:29







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发表于 2013-5-8 21:22 | 显示全部楼层
AirAsia X to issue 592.59m new shares under IPO (Update)
Published: Wednesday May 8, 2013 MYT 4:50:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday May 8, 2013 MYT 5:10:36 PM

KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia X Bhd has proposed to issue 592.59 million new shares under its initial public offer as it seeks to list on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia.

In its draft prospectus posted on the Securities Commission website on Wednesday, it offered to sell up to 197.53 million existing shares.

AirAsia X is the sister company of low-cost carrier AirAsia Bhd.

AirAsia X said the total IPO offering will involve up to 790.12 million shares of 15 sen each comprising of 538.01 million shares for institutions and 252.11 million shares for retail investors.

The institutional offering of up to 538.01 million shares would comprise of up to 197.53 million offer shares and 79.74 million issue shares to Malaysian and foreign institutions and selected investors.

It would also include 260.74 million issue shares to Bumiputera institutional selected investors.

The share price under the institutional offering would be determined after a bookbuilding exercise.

As for the retail offering of 252.11 million shares, it would comprise of 52.11 million issue shares to eligible persons, 50 million issue shares to eligible passengers and 150 million issue shares to the Malaysian public.

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配合上市 亞航 長程 發售近6億新股

財經8 May 2013 23:00
(吉隆坡8日訊)亞洲航空(AIRASIA,5099,主要板貿易)聯號公司亞航長程(AirAsia X),配合上市馬股主要板的首發股,發售5億9259萬新股,及獻售1億9753萬現有股。







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发表于 2013-5-10 17:05 | 显示全部楼层
散户配股增至2.5亿 亚航X上市配股给乘客












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Type       Announcement

AirAsia Berhad
Conversion of Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares Series 1 of RM1.00 each to Ordinary Shares of RM1.00 each in AirAsia X Berhad
AirAsia Berhad ("AirAsia" or “the Company"), the holder of 42,666,667 Redeemable Convertible Preference Shares Series 1 of RM1.00 each (“RCPS”) in AirAsia X Berhad (“AAX”), has on 10 May 2013 converted the said 42,666,667 RCPS, on one-to-one basis, into 42,666,667 new Ordinary Shares of RM1.00 each (“OS”) in the share capital of AAX, without consideration ("Conversion").

AAX was incorporated in Malaysia on 19 May 2006 with an issued and paid-up capital of RM266,666,668.00 comprising 224,000,001 OS and 42,666,667 RCPS prior to the Conversion. The 42,666,667 RCPS was issued to the Company on 29 October 2007 and 9 July 2010 respectively for cash at par. Upon the Conversion, AirAsia is holding 18.35% equity interest in AAX.

The Conversion is not expected to have any effect on the issued and paid-up share capital or substantial shareholders’ shareholdings of AirAsia and is not expected to have any material effect on the net assets, gearing and earnings of the AirAsia group for the financial year ending 31 December 2013.

The Conversion is not subject to the approval of the shareholders of the Company and/or any other relevant government authorities in Malaysia.

This announcement is dated 10 May 2013.

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发表于 2013-5-14 11:58 | 显示全部楼层
為上市積極招資 亞航長程7月10日登場馬股

13 May 2013

(吉隆坡13日訊)投資者引頸長盼多時,亞航長程(Airasia X)終預計7月10日正式上市馬股主要板,籌資2.5億至3億美元(約7.5億至9億令吉)。


根據該公司首發股投資條款清單(term sheet),籌資所得的44%資金將用來償還銀行貸款,另外22%供資本開銷。




資料顯示,聯昌集團(CIMB,1023,主要板金融)、馬銀行(MAYBANK,1155,主要板金融)、瑞士信貸(Credit Suisse)和摩根士丹利(Morgan Stanley),是這項首發股計劃的聯合國際協調商。

巴克萊集團(Barclays)、法國巴黎銀行(BNP Paribas)、花旗集團、里昂證券亞洲(CLSA)和匯豐控股將協助承銷。

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发表于 2013-5-14 14:37 | 显示全部楼层
財经 2013年5月13日
(吉隆坡13日讯)亚航X(AirAsia X)开始试探投资对其价值3亿美元的首次公开售股(IPO)的投资兴趣。

根据《彭博社》数据,这家有五年资歷的航空公司计划发出7亿9010万股新股,以集资2亿5000万至3亿美元。 亚航X预计在7月10日於大马交易所上市。

亚航X集资所得將用作收购新飞机,其首席执行员阿兹兰奥斯曼拉尼在3月时曾表示,今年將接收7架Airbus SAS A330客机,加上公司现有11架客机。这是亚洲航空集团分公司三项建议上市活动中的第二项,而该集团將通过集资加速扩展计划。



该股闭市时收在3.10令吉,全天扬升7仙或2.31%,成交量为1375万2500股。 ... -ipo&Itemid=198

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 楼主| 发表于 2013-5-16 08:23 | 显示全部楼层
为亚航X上市造势 东尼下月全国巡回见散户

财经新闻 财经  2013-05-15 08:45

东尼费南德斯向《星报》指出:“我的想法是要与散户会面,当我年轻时和身在英国期间,就见到许多以散户为主的IPO如英国天然气(BritishGas)、英国电讯(British Telecom)和我挚友———理察布兰森的维珍(Virgin)集团。”







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