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[公司专区] 2852 CMSB 砂州日光

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2012-07-29 10:37



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发表于 2012-7-30 09:19 | 显示全部楼层
CMS Cement says will not raise price

KUCHING: CMS Cement Sdn Bhd, Sarawak’s sole cement producer and manufacturer, will not raise the price of cement despite recent reports of a nationwide cement price hike, Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd group managing director Datuk Richard Curtis said.

He said CMS had always remained committed to the state’s socio-economic growth and would not increase its prices although cement production in Sarawak posed a logistical challenge due to terrain, raw materials and geographical population spread.

“While the perception is that there is a monopoly on cement in Sarawak, truth is any person can set up operations or, just as CMS does, import cement to cover unexpected demand surges or disruptions to its own production,” he said in a statement.

He said the local market depended on the company to ensure a reliable supply of quality cement for its infrastructure needs, especially now that the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy’s potential was being realised.

In considering the impact of its price hike on the construction sector, he said, CMS also respected the Malaysian Competition Act and did not engage in price discussions with any Malaysian cement producers. —Bernama ... 94&sec=business

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发表于 2012-8-5 21:59 | 显示全部楼层
CMSB plans third cement plant

KUCHING: Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMSB) plans to invest in a third cement plant to meet the growing demand in Sarawak.

Group managing director Datuk Richard Curtis said the new facility, which would have a production capacity of 600,000 to 700,000 tonnes per annum, would be built in Mambong near here where the group's clinker plant is located.

“The proposed third plant will cost about RM150mil. We (CMSB) will make a decision (on the proposed project) in the next three months,” he told StarBizWeek after a briefing yesterday.

The briefing was conducted by CMS Cement Sdn Bhd executive director and chief executive officer Othman Abdul Rani. CMS Cement, which is wholly-owned by CMSB, is Sarawak's sole cement manufacturer.

Curtis said the proposed new plant was to meet Sarawak's future cement requirements as the existing two cement plants were close to operating at their combined installed capacity of 1.75 million tonnes per annum.

CMS's first cement plant in Pending Industrial Estate here was built in 1978. It has an installed annual capacity of one million tonnes and caters for Kuching, Samarahan, Sri Aman and Sibu.

Its second plant was built in 1998 to cater for Sarawak's north-eastern region. It has an annual capacity of 750,000 tonnes.

Curtis said the company was looking at several options on the type of technology, including from Europe and China, to be adopted by the proposed plant.

Othman said CMS Cement currently produced 5,500 tonnes per day against the daily average demand of 5,300 tonnes. The company manufactures portland and masonry cement.

He said cement demand in Sarawak grew by 9% to 10% in the past two years due mainly to the construction of Murum hydro dam in Kapit and Bengoh dam near here.

“As both Murum and Bengoh are concrete-filled dams, the projects consume a lot of cement. The construction of concrete bridges also drives up the demand for cement,” he added.

Othman said the plan for a major dam in Baram was also expected to push up demand for cement in the next few years.

“The estimated year-on-year cement requirement growth is 6% per annum. The (new) demand comes from the development of Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (Score), Samalaju (Industrial Park) and infrastructure projects,” he added.

Curtis said CMSB would relook at a proposal mooted three years ago to build a second production line for its clinker plant to increase production in order to cut down on the import of clinker, the main raw material in the manufacture of portland and masonry cement.

According to Othman, the proposed new production line would cost at least RM700mil.

The existing clinker plant, the only in Sarawak, will increase its production capacity to 896,000 tonnes per annum when a RM78mil upgrading project is completed and commissioned in the next few weeks.

“CMS Cement's requirement of clinker is about 1.6 million tonnes per annum. So, we have to import the balance from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand to meet the needs,” said Othman.

Othman said the current cement selling prices in Sarawak were between RM320 and RM340 per tonne the same as in Peninsular Malaysia after this week's price increment by manfacturers there.

Before the increment, cement was cheaper by about RM20 per tonne in the peninsula.

Curtis had said earlier that CMS Cement would not raise its cement price as it remained committed to Sarawak's socio-economic growth.

The local market, added Curtis, depended on CMS Cement to ensure a reliable supply of quality cement for its infrastructure needs, especially now that Score's potential was being realised.

CMS Cement contributes about 48% to CMSB group profit. ... 34&sec=business

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CMS 洋灰不起价 2012-08-05 12:05














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发表于 2012-8-12 17:28 | 显示全部楼层
CMSB delays steel and iron hub project

PETALING JAYA: Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMSB) has put on hold the proposed development of a steel cluster and iron ore hub in Samalaju Industrial Park in Bintulu.

The proposed development was to be a venture between CMSB's subsidiary Samalaju Industries Sdn Bhd, GIIG Holdings Sdn Bhd and Pan Kingdom Invest Co.

CMSB told Bursa Malaysia that the parties involved in the proposal had agreed to put the proposed development on hold, and pursue it if the gas is available. ... 85&sec=business

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2012-08-29 11:23


作为OM Materials母公司的澳洲上市公司OM控股,上周为上述计划筹资的活动中表示,渣打银行、来自中国和国际的银行都在上述融资行列中,其中渣打银行为此冶炼厂计划的融资顾问。


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发表于 2012-8-31 23:47 | 显示全部楼层
Cahya Mata posts 13pc Q2 revenue growth
Published: 2012/08/30

KUCHING: Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMSB), the state’s leading infrastructure facilitator, has posted a revenue of RM292.20 million for the second quarter ended June 30, 2012, a growth of 13 per cent compared with the same quarter last year.

Group managing director Datuk Richard Curtis said the increase was attributed to the better performance of its manufacturing and services divisions.

“We are very pleased with the second quarter figures as they are further testament to the group’s sound business models, the efforts of all our staff and our ability to take advantage of opportunities afforded by Sarawak’s growing economy," he said in a statement

He said these were all contributing factors that accounted for CMSB’s RM522.54 million revenue for the first six months of 2012, an increase of 8 per cent compared with RM484.33 million posted in the first six months of 2011.

During the same period the group’s pre-tax profits of RM70.11 million for the current quarter were 58 per cent higher than the preceding year’s corresponding quarter, he said.

These are all contributing factors that account for CMSB’s RM522.54 million revenue for the first six months of 2012, an increase of 8 per cent compared with RM484.33 million posted in the first six months of last year.

Custis said Cahya Mata Sarawak was poised to sustain if not exceed the levels achieved with construction materials remaining its core business spearheaded by cement manufacturing. -- BERNAMA

Read more: Cahya Mata posts 13pc Q2 revenue growth ... icle/#ixzz258hB44Xp

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砂查也马特 股价被低估
行家论股  2012-09-19 21:00


砂查也马特(CMSB,2852,主板工业产品股)管理层预计,砂拉越再生能源走廊(SCORE)会持续支撑该公司3大核心业务———洋灰、炼砖与混凝土产品、建材以及建筑与道路维修。公司表示,不再是单纯的承包商,会逐渐扩大洋灰供应与采石场业务;同时,预见持股20%的OM Materials会在2015财年开始贡献盈利。





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发表于 2012-9-22 19:00 | 显示全部楼层
CMSB increases K&N Kenanga stake

PETALING JAYA: Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad (CMSB) has further increased its stake in K&N Kenanga Holdings Bhd, with the acquisition of 25 million shares or a 4.08% stake at a price of 85 sen.

At this price this is 26.7% or 18 sen above Friday's closing price of 67 sen.

This brings CMSB's total direct and indirect stake to 29.64% in the company.

CMSB is the single largest shareholder of K & N Kenanga, which is mainly involved in stockbroking and investment banking businesses.

In a media release, CMSB said that the purchase of shares in Kenanga would mitigate the impending dilution resulting from the acquisition of ECM Libra Investment Bank Bhd (ECM Libra IB) by Kenanga Investment Bank Bhd (Kenanga IB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kenanga.

“Based on the announcement made by Kenanga on June 15, 2012, the acquisition of ECM Libra IB by Kenanga IB would be partly satisfied via the issuance of 120 million new shares in Kenanga, which will dilute the shareholdings of existing shareholders of Kenanga.

“CMS's current stake in Kenanga will be diluted from 29.64% to 24.78% upon completion of acquisition,” it said.

In the release, CMSB group managing director Datuk Richard Curtis said: “As a sign of confidence in its strategic investment in Kenanga, CMSB has recently increased its existing stake in Kenanga, through purchase of Kenanga shares via open market and direct business transactions.”

On Sept 14, CMSB had told Bursa that it had purchased 1.13 million shares between Sep 5 and 7. This brought up its stake to 25.26% at that time.

The price for the transaction was not revealed.

In August, K&N Kenanga and ECM Libra Financial Group Bhd both received their shareholders' nod for the proposed merger of their investment banking businesses.

K&N Kenanga, via its unit Kenanga IB, is acquiring ECM Libra Investment Bank Bhd for RM875.1mil.

Kenanga Investment Bank is set to become Malaysia's largest independent investment bank and one of the country's top three brokerage houses with the largest remisier network.

The acquisition is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2012.

“Kenanga represents a strategic investment by CMSB to ride on the growth of the financial services sector and would serve as a platform for CMS to expand its businesses outside the state of Sarawak,” said CMSB. ... 18&sec=business

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朋党之股, 不碰为妙

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  2012-10-03 11:48


砂查也马特董事经理拿督理查卡特向《The EdgeMalaysia》网站指出,该集团对目前所持有的29.64%肯南嘉持股权感到合适,短期内不会再通过公开市场增持股权。











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发表于 2012-12-1 18:35 | 显示全部楼层
Cracks in manufacturing margin
Date: 30/11/2012

Source         :         CIMB
Stock         :         CMSB                    
Price Target :         3.25
Price Call         :         HOLD

Last Price         :         3.20       
Upside         :          +0.05 (1.56%)

Download document in PDF format


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发表于 2013-1-11 14:07 | 显示全部楼层
砂州日光 悉数赎回债券




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发表于 2013-1-12 11:25 | 显示全部楼层
Cahya Mata to benefit from Score, says MD
Published: 2013/01/12

KUALA LUMPUR: Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMSB) is now on the fast track to be the best proxy to investments following Sarawak's accelerating and sustainable long-term economic potential.

This will be driven by the long-term sustainable energy intensive industries under Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (Score) and the consequential infrastructure required across the state, said CMSB.

CMSB is the largest and integrated infrastructure development company in the Land of the Hornbills, with three core businesses - cement, clinker and concrete products; construction materials; and construction and road maintenance.

Group managing director Datuk Richard Curtis said its core businesses will increasingly benefit from Sco-re and they will continue to be the main contributors to its bottom line.

CMSB is confident of good results on the back of solid and sustainable earnings, low gearing, healthy balance sheet and an experienced and professional management team. Bernama

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发表于 2013-2-5 13:14 | 显示全部楼层
三马拉朱工业园工程 砂查也马特委2 承包商


2013-02-05 12:12

(吉隆坡4日讯)砂查也马特(CMSB,2852,主板工业产品股)宣布,独资子公司联营公司———OM Materials委任中国水电(Sinohydro)企业为砂拉越三马拉朱(Samalaju)工业园铁合金熔炼厂项目的工程、采购和建筑总办统筹承包商,中钢集团吉林机电(Sinosteel Jilin)则被委任为次级承包商。

根据文告,砂查也马特透过独资子公司Samalaju工业,持有OM Materials20%股权。


Samalaju工业与OM Materials以20:80股权的联营方式兴建和营运铁合金熔炼厂,每年产能达57万5000吨,预计2014年投产。





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发表于 2013-2-20 12:01 | 显示全部楼层
投资1.5亿 砂查也马特增洋灰产量
财经新闻 财经  2013-02-19 11:21

根据《Malaysian Reserve》报道,砂查也马特并未透露计划增加的洋灰粉磨产量额,但预计扩展地点将在古晋郊外并比邻现有的洋灰渣块(Clinker)厂。

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发表于 2013-3-4 09:18 | 显示全部楼层
Cahya Mata expects to ride long-term energy-intensive industries in Sarawak

KUALA LUMPUR: Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMSB) is upbeat about its growth prospects as it expects to ride on Sarawak's advancement, especially that underpinned by the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) initiative.

CMSB group managing director Datuk Richard Curtis told StarBiz that the company was the best proxy investment for the state's growth as it could benefit long-term sustainable energy-intensive industries under Score and the infrastructure required across the state in order to fuel the development.

“Growth (of the company) may accelerate at least as fast as the state, if not faster,” he said.

Being Sarawak's largest and integrated infrastructure conglomerate, he said, the company had an edge due to its local knowledge, experience of running businesses in the state, a good management team and healthy balance sheet.

The country's largest state could emerge as one of the country's top three gross domestic product (GDP) contributors as Score was expected drive the state's GDP up to 10% in 2015 from less than 5% in 2012. Currently, Sarawak's GDP growth contribution is trailing behind Selangor, Johor and Penang.

“We have made appropriate investments and will continue to do that in order to meet that growth demand,” he said.

For the financial year ending Dec 31, 2013 (FY13), he expected its property segment to strengthen further, its cement business to perform better and contribution to come from Samalaju's development.

Last year, its cement production division was dampened by the shutdown of its clinker plant and pressure from cement selling price.

In the coming year, he expected cement prices to stabilise.

It plans to expand its cement manufacturing capacity from the current 1.7 million tonnes per year to 2.7 million tonnes per year, involving a capital expenditure of RM150mil.

He said the company would consider exporting excess of the cement it produced to Kalimantan, Indonesia but noted that meeting domestic demand remained its priority.

It had expanded its quarry facilities. “Another way we are participating in Score is through strategic investment in energy-intensive industries,” he said.

This included a 20% stake in OM Materials (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd for a ferro-alloy smelting plant project, which he deemed a new sustainable source of profits in the long-run for the group.

It had also signed an agreement with Malaysian Phosphate Addictive Sdn Bhd to set up a joint-venture integrated phosphate plant in Bintulu. Its investment in the project was between RM100mil and RM150mil.

He said both parties were still negotiating the terms for this memorandum of understanding and he hoped that the discussion could be concluded in the next three months.

He said the company would adhere to equitable standards that included social and environmental responsibilities while participating in the industrialisation process.

“We are also looking at other investment opportunities but the challenge for us is to make sure that we make wise investment decisions,” he said, adding that it could create synergies for its strategic investments.

Curtis, who is also a director at K&N Kenanga Holdings Bhd, said it had a close working relationship with the investment banking firm, in which CMSB has a 25% stake in.

“We have supported them in the acquisition of ECM Libra Investment Bank Bhd and ING Malaysia's asset management business (ING Funds Bhd). We see potential growth in this business as there is a space in the market for a well-run independent investment bank,” he said. He declined to comment on whether it was looking into other merger and acquisition activities.

“The focus for Kenanga is to make its current acquisition work,” he said.

Market talk was that K&N Kenanga was one of the potential buyers of standalone investment bank Hwang-DBS Investment Bank.

He also said the company was committed to a dividend policy of a 30% payout. For FY12, the payout ratio was 40% which brought the full-year dividend to 17 sen per share. ... 34&sec=business

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发表于 2013-3-18 23:00 | 显示全部楼层
熱股評析  2013-03-18 18:34









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发表于 2013-4-9 10:32 | 显示全部楼层
砂州日光落实 兴建冶炼厂工程

April 9, 2013
(吉隆坡8日讯)砂州日光(CMSB,2852,工业产品组)宣布执行其砂拉越沙玛拉祖(Samalaju)铁矽(ferro silicon)冶炼厂计划的一揽子工程、采购和承建(EPC)工程合约。

砂州日光今日向交易所报备的文告中表示,上述事项是由旗下联营公司--OM Sarawak私人有限公司所执行。前者是通过旗下独资子公司--沙玛拉祖工业(Samalaju Industries)私人有限公司,持有后者的20%股权。

文告中指出,上述合约是与中国水利机构(Sinohydro Corporation Ltd)有限公司以及中国水利机构(马)(Sinohydro Corporation(M))私人有限公司共同签署,而中钢集团吉林机电设备有限公司(Sinosteel Jilin Electro-Mechanical Equipment Co. Ltd)则负责这项计划的建筑和经营活动。

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发表于 2013-4-10 18:52 | 显示全部楼层
熱股評析  2013-04-10 18:30

鑑於在Bandar Baru Semariang地庫的潛在盈利超過之前計入產業業務的價值,同時對道路維修與臨時勞工營業務採取保守估價,興業謹慎設定砂州日光目標價在4令吉21仙,並維持“買進"評級。

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